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2 is the second EP by Colour Machine. A departure from the band's previous work; it strives to introduce new textures and ideas that the common 'rock' song wouldn't normally have. This idea runs throughout the duration of the work.

2 is not merely just another release by just another band. It is a statement - dare to be different.

"Would you take your jacket off and do anything they ask you too even despite the winter cold outside and the grim reluctance in your eyes?"

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released March 25, 2017

2 - Colour Machine

conceived, created, originated and written by Colour Machine
engineered by Jarred Nettle and Lewis Tito
mixed and mastered by Jarred Nettle

all photography (except front cover) by Josh Burton
front cover photography by Teddy Kelley - used under Creative Commons license
all other artwork by Anthony Donato

managed by Rino Cufone
recorded at the House of SAP

download includes all artwork

Colour Machine is
Anthony Donato ~ drums, vocals
Lewis Trainor ~ bass guitar
Tom Burton ~ guitar



all rights reserved


Colour Machine Adelaide, Australia

Colour Machine are a three-piece indie/alternative rock band from Adelaide, Australia. They are composed of Anthony Donato on drums and vocals, Lewis Trainor on bass guitar and Tom Burton on guitar.

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Track Name: Ego
Would you take your jacket off
And do anything they ask you to
Even despite the winter cold outside
And the grim reluctance in your eyes
I hope you think long and hard before you say your response
They can just go somewhere else if what you've got is not what they want
I bet if they jumped off a bridge you would be following suit
Cause your jacket is already off
And you never had a clue

Are you sure what you want is what they’ve got
You’ve changed your mind awfully fast
I just can’t help but think
This ain’t you
You’ve thrown yourself under a bus
Just ‘cos they told you to

How clouded are your thoughts?
Did you think you’d dip your feet in
Then jump right back out?
No, it don’t work that way
I wanna see your face when you realise it too

I don't know where your thoughts lie
But I wish that someday they change
Track Name: Disappearing Act
A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying
You're awake but asleep by design
You know what's happening here
Of course you do

Hold my hand while I crash and burn
Will I make it out this time?

I'm not listening
I can't hear you
Give me one more chance
Give me one last chance
I've stopped listening
Track Name: Constant Lies And Video Tapes
Stop, just for a second
I think I need some rest
Just 'cos it's on video doesn't mean it lasts forever
We like to give ourselves a name
And live our whole entire lives inside that vein
Never ever differ from that line

Sounds we've given meaning, thoughts we've given purpose
The world is ours, are we trapped by it?
I don't understand
Wasted tears in my eyes never cry but I don't
Fly high enough to even see the sky

Sorry, I just woke up
Could you please tell me just what I missed
I lost a lot more than sleep last night
Justify our actions while we have our agendas
Give a little bit, I might reciprocate

It's true, I live in perpetual despair
My pets ran away, the damn things had it in for me anyway
It feels like everything's turned against me
And I don't know what to do
Track Name: Two Horizons
I see it in your eyes
You've never looked so tired
As you do right now
You're counting every step
Until the day you fall
Until the stars stop shining

What is your name now?

Little by little
You work your way back to the top
You fell from grace
We could see you as you crashed back to Earth
We saw it coming
You don't like it, no

It's painted on your face
Visible for everyone
We can see you

Waking up again
You're greeted by the sun
Shines brightly in your face
You and the moon
Have always got on better
Then you do with the sun
Track Name: Retrospection
Stop us if you've heard this before
Because it's altogether plausible
In fact history even points that way
Continue to write your gems
It's the same four every time
Does it ever tire your memory
Or are you purely selective?

I admire your coherence
But it's the equivalent of offering the same meal
For breakfast, lunch and dinner

You've got to convince me
You're the next big thing
With a sprinkle of luck, you might even just get through
Because there's a million other people who can convince me to do the same things
That you do
Everybody's got something to say
What's yours?
Track Name: Doormat
Cut the ties and forget the reasons why
He'll take you there but only for a short while
How did we let our egos get the best of us?

Hold on
I've got no idea, I'll destroy all you hold so dear
Hold on
He screams at you, "Run faster!"
Give it to me, I'll make "us" rich
But only for a short while
You'll have your victory

Do you want to go and meet some people?
Follow me, I know everyone around
This is about me and you? No, it's me and me
Imbalance is balance in your balanced world

How did we let our egos get the best of us?